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In order to open up new channels for administrative reconsideration applications and improve the efficiency of administrative reconsideration work, the Anlu Municipal Government has created an online administrative reconsideration application section on this website to facilitate citizens, legal persons and other organizations to apply for administrative reconsideration. Applicants are requested to fill out the application for administrative reconsideration with a serious and responsible attitude, and leave a valid correspondence address and contact information. The Legislative Affairs Office will contact the applicant in time to verify the relevant situation. The time for the application for administrative reconsideration shall be the time verified by the Legislative Affairs Office. The online applicant is responsible for the authenticity and legality of the information transmitted. If all the requirements are filled in, they are valid administrative reconsideration applications, otherwise they are invalid.

Notes for Administrative Reconsideration Application

Materials to be submitted for administrative reconsideration:

(1) Application for administrative reconsideration: including the basic information of the applicant, the name of the respondent, the request for administrative reconsideration, the main facts and reasons for applying for administrative reconsideration, the signature or seal of the applicant, etc .;

(2) Identification of applicant:

Citizen: Resident ID card, household registration booklet and photocopy

Legal person or other organization: ① Identification of legal representative (person in charge) ② Identity card of legal representative and its copy ③ Copy of business license or institution code certificate and its copy;

(3) Documents of specific administrative acts that consider infringement (such as administrative penalty decisions, etc.);

(4) Relevant evidence materials (original and photocopy) required by law;

(5) Power of attorney and identity certificate of the agent. [Detailed Guide]


1. The applicant should leave an accurate correspondence address and contact information so that the administrative review agency can verify the relevant situation and serve the review document.

2. The time for receiving the application shall be the time verified by the administrative review agency.

3. The main laws and regulations applicable to the administrative reconsideration organ's hearing of administrative reconsideration cases include the "Administrative Reconsideration Law of the People's Republic of China", "Implementation Regulations of the Administrative Reconsideration Law of the People's Republic of China", and "Administrative Reconsideration Implementation Measures of Hubei Province".