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Guidelines for using QR codes :

Two-dimensional code, also known as two-dimensional bar code, is a black and white graphic that is distributed on a plane (in a two-dimensional direction) with a certain geometric figure according to a certain rule, and is used to record data symbol information.
The picture on the right is the QR code of the mobile version of the Anlu portal. You only need to pick up your mobile phone and scan your finger to scan the latest information on the mobile portal of the Anlu .
Here's how to use the QR code for everyone:
1. Install a QR code scanning software in your phone.
2. On the premise that the mobile phone can access the Internet (either GPRS or WIFI is available), open the QR code scanning software.
3. Point the mobile phone camera at the QR code and adjust it to the scanning interface to include the QR code.

4, mobile phone automatically recognizes. The scan is complete, it may be a link, ask you if you want to open the link, click "Yes" to open the QR code link. At this time, a warning window will appear to remind you that the relevant information is safe. Click "Continue Access". After loading successfully, you can enter the home page of the Anlu portal. How about it? Is it easy? Just move your finger and you can “know everything”. Facing me like this, are you excited? Then quickly scan it!